Power to the Flower

Hi there everybody!
Long time no see...
But now is the beginning of something. I have decided to do some tunes in english and I hope you enjoy following me and MPs work.
I will release songs now and then...Now its time for POWER TO THE FLOWER!
Among others I have compleeted a minalbum of my favourite Bod Dylan songs. I will decide date for release with my recordcompany.
It will end up with another minialbum with my own songs in english and later on another minialbum with swedish songs...
Cheers/ Martin

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  • Cristián Waraltte » Detta är ett blogginlägg:  ”Nice song Martin! Big hug from Argentina!”

  • Maria Jimena Pasquali » Para mis amigos:  ”Great Martin! you are big Singer and congratulations for your new álbum in swedi..”

  • Cristián » Para mis amigos:  ”Tack Martin! Nice reading... Big hug from Argentina! ;)”

  • Martin » Down by the memory lane...:  ”Stefan - det här musikprojektet är en direkt förlängning av AB Lita På Mig. Jag..”

  • Cristián Waraltte » Down by the memory lane...:  ”Congrats Tiina! What a big experience. A big hug Martin. ”